MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible

MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible (S60) 4.00

As well as providing concise information about important places and personalities, this accessible dictionary clearly explains the themes and doctrines of the Bible.

With entries ranging from earthquakes and mice to feminism and the Dead See Scrolls, it is a lively and absorbing reference work for students and all readers of the Bible.

Key features of the dictionary include:

  • Over 2,000 entries from Adam to Zechariah
  • Clear explanation of technical terms, methods of interpretation, and critical analysis, as well as notes on leading biblical scholars and their work
  • Broad coverage includes the books of the Bible, people and places, customs, religions and worship, history, and theology
  • Takes into account the work of Christian scholars of all denominations, and of Jewish scholars

The dictionary is intended for students whether at school or university, and for a more general public of those who may be reading or studying the Bible at home or alongside other in a group from their local church or community, as well as those who primarily enjoy it as splendid literature.

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MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible


MSDict Oxford Dictionary of the Bible (S60) 4.00